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DAC & CHONGQING AIR, located in Chongqing of central China, aims at enhancing development and interaction of art and culture research with modern society in mainland China, dedicating to assisting international artists, critics, writers, and curators emerging to mid-career as an exchange platform of contemporary art and culture.

Founded in 2013, DAC & CHONGQING AIR is located in the central art district of the city of Chongqing. The residency is housed in a 3000-square-meter former art academy building. As facilities, DAC & CHONGQING AIR offers separate studios with incorporated and fully furnished living quarters for 20 artists, including a 550-square-meter exhibition space and necissities for creation.

DAC & CHONGQING AIR provides residents with artistic, theoretical, and production support, and aims at creating an environment in which international and Chinese residents can thrive, excel, and deepen their individual or collaborative practices.

The residency program collaborates with an expanding pool of advisors from home and abroad who pay irregular visits to the center to guide residents in the research, production, or public presentation of their work.

Artists are selected based on open application for a three to twelve months residency.

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Address: Huangjueping GuanJiaLin 190, Jiulongpo, Chongqing, CN.





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