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DAC(Dimensions Art Centre) & CHONGQING AIR offers artists, critics, writers, and curators, the possibility of living and working in the city of Chongqing for two months to twelve months. Throughout the period of residency, the staff and the team of advisors provide practical assistance to residents in the creation, research, development and production of new works and projects.

DAC & CHONGQING AIR offers an independent 30-square-meter studio with incorporated living quarters, a 550-square-meter production and exhibition space, a public area with shared kitchen and laundry utilities, as well as photographing studio and metal, wood workshops.

Moreover, a team of external advisors from multiple fields of contemporary art and art education offers constructive advices and international perspectives to resident artists by paying irregular visits.

20 independent studios are available in DAC & CHONGQING AIR, reserving 3 studios each for emerging artists from home and abroad no more than 3 years after graduation,and 14 studios for international artists, curators and writers, with no limits on age or nationality.


DAC & CHONGQING AIR welcome sapplications from artists, critics, writers, and curators, reserving 14 independent studios with no limits on age and nationality. Young emerging artists are especially encouraged to apply. DAC & CHONGQING AIR reserves 3studios each for artists from home and abroad no more than 3 years after graduation.


Applications are submitted to DAC &CHONGQING AIR by Internet only, as Zip files or PDF file, and are accompanied by a full Portfolio, a Curriculum Vitae, a short biography, and a letter of motivation which may include a project proposal, and other relevant information. All materials should be written in English.


The Portfolio should include 10 to 20 medium resolution JPG images of  recent works, no smaller than 3 MB each, as well as links to online resources, such as Vimeo or Youtube channels,websites or blogs.  

Download links and complete applications shoud be emailed to:

Incomplete applications will not betaken into consideration.


A panel of international Advisors reviews the applications in two months.


Upon a successful application, the applicant is notified by email, and receives both a letter of acceptance, as well as a letter of support concerning possible fundraising by the applicant . DAC & CHONGQING AIR will aid as much as possible in the process of fundraising. Relevant procedures will be discussed individually with all applicants. Applicants bear sole responsibility for fixed assets.


When funding has been secured,the staff  of  DAC & CHONGQING AIR and the applicant will schedule the forthcoming residency.


The applicant will receive all relevant information in English. The applicant should also be able to communicate with
the DAC & CHONGQING AIR staff in English.


All non-Chinese applicants must apply for a visa from Chinese Embassy in their home countries five months before the start of a residency at DAC & CHONGQING AIR.


DAC & CHONGQING AIR functions as a non profit organization. This means that all income generated during residency has to be used in maintaining the organization operational and in covering costs from inviting and collaborating with residents. DAC & CHONGQING AIR does not offer any kind of monetary sponsorship.


As contributor to Y2014-2015 Local Art & Culture Development, DAC & CHONGQING AIR receives financial support from local government so as to adjust the original residence fee 28% lower. We maintains two different residency fees:

* For residents who do not benefit from any third party sponsorship, such as patronage or institutional aid, the residency fee amounts to 500 Euro per month all inclusive.

* For residents who do benefit from a third party sponsorship, as well as for institutions and similar, the residency fee amounts to 950 Euro per month all inclusive.


DAC & CHONGQING AIR maintains two different fees out of following causes:

As a fully functional residency facility, on one hand DAC & CHONGQING AIR spends factual costs on operation and maintenance as rents, energy, internet,telephone, utilities, and so forth, and on the other hand costs comprised of stuff employment of daily work and expenditures from international advisors to visit Chongqing.


DAC & CHONGQING AIR believes talent are not always rewarded financially and we welcome artists with fund or not. In order to remain functional, DAC & CHONGQING AIR needs to cover daily expenditures and manpower of employment.


In the case of non-subsidized residents, DAC & CHONGQING AIR stuff  work for free for artist to make sure successful creation during residency. In such case, the 500 Euro per month fee covers only the factual cost. DAC & CHONGQING AIR does not sponsor free working hour for artists with fund in similar way as institutions already have budgets allocated.


The residency fee of 500 Euro per month for independent non-funded artists, and 950 Euro per month for funded artists includes access to a 30 square meter studio with incorporated and furnished living quarters, all DAC & CHONGQING AIR facilities, exhibition spaces, and workshops, Internet service, active guidance to the city of  Chongqing, limited translations, and transport from airport or trainstation to the residency location.