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11 Aug,2014

The "Reading Room" project is an artist-curated exhibition, imagined and presented as an ongoing, open, and participatory research directed towards the meeting point between the fields of music, literature, and contemporary art. 

"Reading Room" includes visual presentations of literary works by Samuel Beckett, Alasdair MacIntyre,Frans Kafka, Jorge Luis Borges, Ib Ulbaek, Jacques Derrida, and others, as well as music, songtexts, photography, video, and installation.

Featuring a special presentation of 2012 project "The Freedom of Speech Itself ", by Lawrence Abu Hamdan (Amman).

DAC & CHONGQING AIR presents #5: Reading Room. 

Opening: 8pm, Saturday 16th of Aug 2014

From: 16th of Aug 2014 to 06th of Sep 2014 

Location: DAC & CHONGQING AIR, Huang Jue Ping, Jiu Long Po District, Chongqing, CN.

Made possible through the kind support of the Jiu Long Po District.