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07 Oct,2014

Buttered Side

Artist: Emilia Ukkonen

Curator: Tudor Bratu

Exhibition opening: 20:00, Sunday 12th of Oct. 2014

Exhibition duration: 12th of Oct. 2014 -24th of Oct. 2014

Venue:DAC (Dimensions Art Center), Guan Jia Lin 190, Huang Jue Ping, Jiu Long Po district, ChongQing

Sponsor: DAC (Dimensions Art Center), Jiu Long Po district, ChongQing



The exhibition【Buttered Side】by Finnish artist  Emilia Ukkonen, curated by Tudor Bratu, will open at the same time with the exhibition【Nightswimming】and the official opening of  DAC (Dimensions Art Centre) & CHONGQING AIR (Chongqing Artists in Residency) . We are happy and proud to invite you to attend the Opening Party on the 12th of Oct. 2014 at 20:00.