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15 Jun,2015


Play. 以手為媒 // Vera Visser作品展

Play. Hands are the medium // Solo exhibition by Vera Visser


開幕酒會Opening Party:

2015.06.20  19:30

展覽週期Exhibition Duration:

2015.06.20 - 2015.06.29


展覽簡介//About Exhibition:

漢字——“看”,意思是觀看或看見。它由兩個字組成:手和目。展覽《Play》是全裝置作品,靈感來自乒乓球運動、莊子的著作,和漢字“看”。Vera Visser是一位荷蘭藝術家,她將於本月底結束其在十方藝術中心為期三個月的駐留項目。


The Chinese character  (kàn) means look or see. It is a compound of two characters: Hand () and eyes (). The exhibition Play. is a total installation, where the game of Ping Pong, the writings of Zhuang Zi, and the Chinese characters for seeing (kàn) come together.