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11 Nov,2015

Echo... echo... echo...

A sound defined by emptiness.

Objects which imply an absence.

Voids: to be filled, or what was once full.

Every canyon was once a stream,

every stream is an unsounded echo.

Longing – for something once felt,

or for something beyond our reach.

I want to touch everything... everything... everything...

To be human is to desire?

To be human is to fail, to flounder?

When does a machine (or kinetic sculpture lol) become a robot?

Will I ever become sentient? (Do we care?)

If I project a feeling, an emotion, onto an object, is that enough.

Are humans sentient?

Nature and technology are at war.

If the trees lose,

we can always paint their dead bodies green again.

Nature is quite real, but simulations are sometimes realer?

I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By Tully Arnot