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15 Dec,2015

About Josh Harle:

  Josh Harle is a Sydney-based media artist with a background in computer science, philosophy, and sculpture. His practice looks at the use of digital technologies to map and make sense of the world, and how this digital capture makes reductive models (e.g. GPS navigation and Google maps). In contrast he explores the expressive potential of digital spaces that use theatrical and cinematographic techniques to create convincing, immersive, and evocative spaces (e.g. narrative-based video games).
   Harle is interested in exploring the human feelings and drives behind the development and use of technologies. His works take various established and emerging mapping technologies (such as 3D scanning, GPS tracking, robotics) and re-appropriates them as expressive mediums, altering their outcomes to introduce an affective element which is normally absent. The resulting 'maps' embrace rather than hide their performative origins – showing the contingency of their creation.

The Pictures of Presentation: