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21 May,2016

DAC Workshop


Artists:Adele Myers(UK)

Time:2016.5.21  10:00 - 17:00(Rest Time: One Hour)

Address:Dimensions Art Center (DAC)

本次工作坊,藝術家Adele Myers將會為大家分享她的「詩電影」創作以及教學,並希望通過本次工作坊建立起重慶本土電影藝術家與詩人之間的聯繫,使詩與電影這兩種藝術形式產生更多交互的可能。同時,Adele也將會提供包括英國曼徹斯特與德國柏林在內的多個「詩電影」藝術節的投稿鏈接,以便於推動重慶本土「詩電影」創作與國際藝術平台之間的交流互動。





1. (藝術家)自己的詩歌或影像作品。

2. (愛好者)選取幾首自己喜歡的詩,或與詩有關的電影

3. 相機手機等影像設備,筆記本電腦或iPad等具有播放功能的設備。


About Adele Myers

Adele Myers is an artist who works in interactivity and film. Originally based in Manchester UK she is currently teaching Applied Media in UAE. Her portfolio includes artist led projects and has been commissioned by a variety of arts organisations including: The Poetry Society UK, FACT Liverpool, Interspace Bulgaria and The Pratt Institute New York. Her recent body of poem films screen both in UK and internationally in festivals.

She is the founder and Artistic Director of Bokeh Yeah! the Manchester based video academy that provides video and production training, networking and film opportunities for DLSR Filmmakers based in the UK. The group under her direction has produces poem films and music videos, some of which have also gained international recognition.

The Part of Works

Adele Myers’s recent film works re-imagine the words of poets, shifting the dialogue from the page to the screen. She reconstructs the imagery and narrative to create new and extended themes that go beyond the original. Often drawing from her life experiences to bond a personal perspective to the text. The result is a meander, a meditation or kaleidoscope of observation.

Racing Time 

He elbows the cold morning aside,

a string vest, seventy years and legs

bowed like the trees but just as sturdy.

Shorts billowing like the clouds,

chin inclined to the hill, he will eat up

the distance, have the hill for breakfast.

The starting gun was the crack of knees

first thing then a stretch into the morning,

a dawn chorus of approval everywhere.

The breeze in the sails of his shorts,

as he battles up the waves of the hill,

the effort breaking on his sheer face.

He stumbles, but does not give way

fights back, tramples the hill under foot

and the hill pushes back with strength.

His arms pump, pistons punch the air,

pummel the morning, bare knuckles,

knobbly knees in the groin of the hill.

Because it is there, because he is there,

because he will never hang up his heart,

he plants the flag of himself on the top.

Based on the poem ‘Racing Time’ by Chris Woods

(for Ron Heaton)

First published in Great Britain in 2008 by Comma Press 

From Dangerous Driving 


Sometimes you just have to remove yourself from the landscape 

Before your lips curl up and dry out like Ferns

Before your heart breaks down into the rain sodden dirt

Before you stain the horizon with your smile 

So I fold up my life 

Like Origami 

Fold it into my pocket 

Until I slowly 


Based on the poem ‘Origami’ by Gaia Holmes

First published in Great Britain in 2013 by Comma Press

From Lifting The Piano with One Hand